Our services reflect the diversity of our business.




We advise you on how to optmize your information systems and their integration within you organization. Beyond the advice, SwanPro can perform the full process from the strategic framework to the operational implementation. Our common goal: to transform investments and expectation into operational added value.



You need a reliable, powerful and equipped Cloud infrastructure, but also a partner that can bring you different levels of services and commitments? Then our private cloud management solution is made for you. We maintain your platform in operational condition. We develop the design and implement the software components according to your objectives and needs. Finally, we make it available to the public and ensure its availability 24 hours a day.



With our experienced and certified training team, we offer you high-level courses on several information and communication technologies. If you wish to request a training, or if you have any further questions, please contact us.



An essential step in the life cycle of your project is its deployment online. It marks the beginning of the operational phase of your application. Far from marking the end of your collaboration with SwanPro, it rather marks the start of the next phase of our cooperation, which is the provision of maintenance service.

The mission of SwanPro is to accompany you in three areas:

• The patch: includes all the processes and tasks that make it possible to effectively manage the malfunctions observed on your site. The key to success is our responsiveness and speed of resolution.

• Evolutions: your site will evolve, either by the introduction of new needs or to meet new constraints (legal, system, audience success, etc.). SwanPro guarantees you a rapid adaption during the entire process.

• Advice: the assistance, the training and the monitoring demonstrated the value we attach to tailored advice. Our role is to advice you in such a way that your website and entire project remains at the forefront and benefits from the latest developments in our field.